Main Menu

With The Fingers

Fries & Aioli                         6

As it sounds

Duck Tongue Tortillas

Sprouts, apple & pomegranate slaw, miso mayo

Crispy Pigs Ears

Duck salt, siracha mayonaise 

Chorizo Arancini

Parmesan, chilli & herbs

Ox Tongue Sticks

Vindaloo, smoked yoghurt & spring onions

Fried Chicken (Our Way)

Kim chi, Japanese mayo, sesame & spring onion

13 dollars each, but because you won’t be able to stop at one we will do 3 for 33 bucks

Small Share Bits

All these dishes are only thirteen dollars each too

Scorched 9 Score Wagyu

Bread & dripping

Lamb Ribs

Chimi Churri, tzatziki & pickled onions

Braised Artichoke 

Wild mushrooms, fried gnocchi & smoked garlic cream

Citrus Sardines

Orange Lemon & Lime Zest, pangrattato, pine nuts, pickled pineapple 

We will do 3 for 33 on these babies as well

For The Table

This is what we are all about, giant plates of tasty yum to share around the table.

Seventy Australian dollars is all you need to get one of these beauties brought to your table

Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder       70

With flat breads & yum bits.  We all enjoy a good kebab, now you & your mates can make great ones at the table.

Spicy Glazed Duck               50 Half Duck

with rice, pickles and riata

Sides & Salads

8 bucks each

Broccolini, smoked almonds, currants, yoghurt & dill dressing

Potato Mash, gravy & crackle

'What We Got' Vegetables & mustard dressing 

Charred Pumpkin, pepita's, smoked almonds & buttermilk dressing


Sous vide poached Tasmanian Salmon             30

Fennel, kohlrabi, wasabi & parsnip

Hickory Duck Breast                     32

Jerusalem artichoke, quince, carrots, pickled walnuts

      Braised Fennel              24

      Apple, baby turnips, pickled walnuts, radish, pomegranate molasses 

Mushroom & Burnt Onion Gnocchi   25

Spinach & smoked almonds

Spinach & Pea Risotto                     24

Peas, spinach, sage, mint & fancy feta 

Pork Neck 30

Clams, apple, fennel, crispy pig ears, garlic cream & a chilli herb emulsion

      Smoked Beef Cheek                               32

      Leek, brussel sprouts, baby turnip, celeriac, fermented garlic

  Pressed Lamb 32

     White anchovy, charred broccolini, bitter leaves



Salted Caramel, Peanut and Coconut Parfait

Lemon Curd and meringue

Fried Custard

Ginger, custard, apples & custard apples

Carrot Cake

Spiced Chocolate ice-cream, walnut praline, chocolate popping candy

All $14

Bar Menu 


Beef Cheek Croquette with guinness & maple glaze 12

Arancini with buttered leaks, cheese & cornichons 12

Fried Chicken, kimchi & sesame 12

Wallaby shanks & HP sauce 12


Pork knuckle, Potato mash, sauerkraut and apple 27

Crispy Lamb Shoulder, pinkeyes & meredith fetta 29

Chicken Parmigiana, chips & salad 22

Porterhouse, chips, salad & smoked tomato jam 28

Beer Battered Fish, chips, salad & mushy peas 24