Main Menu

With The Fingers

Sour Dough Bread                      4

Smoked butter & piccalilli

Fries & Aioli                         6

As it sounds

Duck Liver Parfait                   

Sour dough, cherry, apple & all the crispy bits

Forest Mushroom Arancini

Many many mushrooms, truffle & feta

Beef Cheek Croquettes

Smoked paprika, macaroni, smoked tomato & parmesan custard

Ox Tongue Sticks

Ox, amaranth & salty caramel

Dagwood Dogs

Goat, beetroot ketchup, just like at the show… sort of

Fried Chicken (Our Way)

Kim chi, Japanese mayo, sesame & spring onion

Wallaby Shanks

New Sydney HP sauce, dill pickles & yoghurt

12 dollars each, but because you won’t be able to stop at one we will do 3 for 30 bucks

Small Share Bits

All these dishes are only twelve dollars each too

Spiced Cauliflower

Quinoa, pickled cauliflower, puffed rice & tzatziki

Raw Tuna on a Salt Block

Cauliflower, yuzu & puffed wild rice

Rye on Pastrami

Salmon pastrami, rye crumbs, fennel & crème fraiche

Charred Octopus

Pickled quince, pear, chorizo sauce & wakame

Dry Aged Beef Tartar

Gochujang, peanuts, ponzu, yolk puree & cassava

Spring Bay Mussels

Saffron, octopus, cured & fried pig – cos let’s face it pig makes everything better

We will do 3 for 30 on these babies as well

For The Table

This is what we are all about, giant plates of tasty yum to share around the table.

Seventy Australian dollars is all you need to get one of these beauties brought to your table

Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder

With flat breads & yum bits.  We all enjoy a good kebab, now you & your mates can make great ones at the table.

Whole Beef Shin

That’s right, all of it! Braised on the bone with all the trimmings, just like mum made but better! (Sorry mum)

Pirates Bay Octopus

Super tender, super tasty, chorizo, pears, pickles & nuts


7 bucks each

Cauliflower Cheese with Rye Pangrattata

Winter Cassoulet with Ham Hock

Fried Brussels Sprouts, Burnt Onion & Shallots

Potato Mash, Gravy & Skin of the Pig

       ‘What We Got’ Vegetables & Mustard Dressing


52 Degrees of Salmon                      30

Spring Bay mussels, saffron & chick peas

Hickory Duck Breast                       32

Game Dumplings, red cabbage smear, pear & pickled grapes

Gnocchi (why does it have a G in it?)     25

Beetroot, spinach, whipped feta & hazelnuts

Philadelphia Beef                           32

Skirt steak cooked medium rare, chimi churri, lime yoghurt, smoked almonds & our mash

Butternut Risotto                     24

Pumpkin, spinach, sage, fancy feta & all the seeds and stuff that all the cool kids like

Slab of Wallaby Tail                      30

With all of the root vegetables done differently



500gram Cape Grim Beef Short Rib           36

Smoked for 8 hours then into a water bath for 12. This smokey delicious cut will melt in your mouth like butter!!

Smokey delicious beefy butter!

It comes with crispy taters, sharp pickley yum bits & an assortment of crunchy stuff.

500gram Lamb Short Rib                29

Like a Sunday roast but not.

Served with artichoke, parsnip, sprouts & mint sauce!




Prime Cuts

While things can get crazy hectic and fast paced here at the New Sydney, not far away from here is our meat aging facility where things are quiet and very peaceful.  This is where we send our select cuts of beef on a 4 week holiday, where they can relax and unwind before they return here to be cooked for your pleasure.

All our prime cuts are cooked the way you want, we don’t mess around with these beauties.  They are presented with a little bit of salady stuff to keep mum happy and a smoked butter candle, because why not.  And while we are at it, choose from our list of sauces.

28 Day Dry Aged Porterhouse

350g     Once the porterhouse returns to us, we bop them in our smoker to take it to the next level!  30

Rib Eye on the Bone

500g     Think scotch fillet, but with a tasty bone for gnawing on                                 55

1kg 500 grams not enough, don’t be shy, we will rate you even more                                      70


New Sydney HP       Beetroot Ketchup          Smoked Tomato

Hot Sauce           Mustard              BBQ Sauce

Salty Caramel       Brown Chicken        Bone Marrow Jus