Lunch Specials

Southern Style Crispy Chicken Burger w/ fries $14

Spiced Lamb Burger w/ smokey eggplant, hummus and crispy chickpeas $14





 Pirates Bay Octopus, Salmon Ceviche with coconut, lime, coriander and chilli  $14

Roast Bone Marrow with herbs, croutons and capers $14


Aged Beef with anchovie butter, chipotle sour cream, egg yolk puree, baby leeks and petit herbs  $32

Crisp Duck Leg Salad with peanut, shallot and hoisin dressing $24

Osso Risotto with crispy garlic, pickles, egg yolk capers and watercress $26


Fish Of The Day- Grilled market fish with hummus, spring bay mussels, peas and almonds $32


Share- Whole or Half Duck with freeze dried mandarin, orange and smoked almond salad

Whole $70 Half $35






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